Force is a protocol and DAO dedicated to producing superior returns by adhering to community-proposed strategies, and rewarding the strategists with powerful incentives.

We leverage high returns from yield-bearing DeFi protocols to provide investors with permissionless, secure, and innovative finance that can’t be stopped. Let the people invest!

Our mission is to identify and exploit alpha across multiple chains and scalability layers, starting with L1 Ethereum.

Our vision is to lead the design and implementation of high performing, institutional-grade DeFi products, from investment strategies to analytics and infrastructure tech.

What characterizes us amongst our peers, is the belief that the…

TLDR — money printer go brrrrrr this Friday at 8pm UTC.


The Force “Geyser” distributes Force tokens from the ecosystem fund to those who provide liquidity on SushiSwap. The more liquidity you provide, and for longer, the greater share of the Force pool you receive.

The Force pool in the Geyser unlocks gradually over time, and stakers receive shares over the unlocked Force. Stakers can redeem these earnings upon withdrawal.


  • Start Time: Friday 14th at 8pm UTC
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Amount: 5 million Force
  • Bonus: Stake for 60 days to get 2x bonus

User Flow

The basic staking flow is:
1. Deposit ETH

All you need to know for the upcoming Force airdrop and more.

Welcome to the ForceDAO ecosystem!

ForceDAO is a quantitative hedge fund for DeFi. We’re a community of strategists, developers and researchers productizing alpha across decentralized finance.

We’re excited to announce the Force V2 airdrop will take place starting tomorrow Wed April 28th, for a duration of 7 weeks.

Airdrop Logistics

The ForceDAO airdrop is scheduled to kick off tomorrow Wed April 28th at 4pm EST. Qualifying members of the greater DeFi community will be eligible to claim Force tokens for a period of 7 weeks.

  • Start: April 28th, 2021 at…

Welcome Jedis 🧙!

In this post, we will lay out the plan for the Force DAO airdrop launch to be implemented at 12 PM Eastern Time today, Saturday April 3rd.

The Force DAO Genesis team expects there to be approximately 15-25 million FORCE tokens in circulating supply by the end of the 3 week period.

The initial airdrop is for Ethereum addresses only.

The airdrop for Fantom, BSC, xDAI, and Polygon wallets will come later towards the end of month, and will be announced prior to the event.

Here’s a breakdown of what this post covers:

  • 📅 Schedule
  • ☑️ Selection Process
  • ♨️ Profit…

Welcome to the final stretch Jedis 🧙!

The Force DAO team is excited to announce the FORCE token airdrop, which is scheduled to start this coming Saturday, April 3rd at 12pm EST.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Start Time: Saturday, April 3rd at 12pm EST
  • End Time: Saturday, April 24th at 12pm EST

There will be a 3-day deprecation period starting on April 24th. This means the amount of rewards claimable per user will reduce linearly on every block until the end of the 3-day deprecation period (Tuesday, April 27th). …

🎨 Meme Competition

Listen up Jedi!

To celebrate Force DAO’s full platform launch, we are excited to announce our first ever meme competition!

  • Start Time: Wednesday, March 24th 12pm EST
  • End Time: Monday, March 29th at 12pm EST.

The lucky winners of this contest will be some of the very first holders of our eagerly anticipated $FORCE token.

🏆 Rewards

What do YOU find most exciting about Force DAO? Put it in a meme and show us!

Force DAO prizes up for grabs:

  • 🥇1st Place: 1,000 FORCE
  • 🥈2nd Place: 500 FORCE
  • 🥉3rd Place: 250 FORCE

This post covers the last and final stage of our Public Beta, Light Speed, where an additional 2% of the supply will be rewarded to beta testers by TVL weight.

When our team first kicked off the public beta, we hoped to reach $30M TVL over the course of 2 weeks. Instead, our community reached this milestone in 2 days.

We are overwhelmed and grateful for the support you’ve given us, and thank you for embracing the Force!

📰 General Information

Light Speed, is the final program of our beta before we launch.

In addition to the existing 2.5% of the supply for…

Hi everyone👋! In this update, our team is announcing the start of our public beta, where active participants will be airdropped 2.5% of the total supply. Let’s get started!

Force’s Public Beta is kicking off this Monday March 15th at 12pm EST. The beta program is set to run for 14 days, with the intention of inviting early community members to try out the platform and refine our yield automation product prior to launch.

In return, our team has allocated 2.5% of the total Force supply to community members who participate in the beta program.

To qualify as a recipient…

Force Prize is a large-scale global incentive competition to source DeFi’s highest performing investment strategies.

We believe that strategies can come from anyone, anywhere. Scientists, engineers, analysts, traders and other innovators with new ideas from all over the world are invited to form teams and compete to win the prize.

The future of DeFi is both chain and layer agnostic. We’ve partnered with protocols and organizations from across the blockchain ecosystem to incentivize the creation of new strategies and tools that’ll benefit the usability and adoption of DeFi.

Force Prize

Force and Gitcoin are partnering to design and host the Force Prize…

Welcome back👋

As we approximate launch, we’d like to invite community members who share our vision and ethos to join our operations team!

We’re on a mission to build the world’s first open hedge fund. The DAO treasury has allocated 5% of the total supply to reward Early Contributors. The Early Contributor Program is designed to recruit and deputize community members to actively take on the following roles:

Core Roles

  • Quant Minds — Strategists: Don’t build in a silo! Propose strategies, collaborate with our operations team and earn performance fees from the profits of your vaults. …


Force DAO is a quantitative hedge fund for DeFi.

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