Drop Day: Force DAO Airdrop Launch Plan

5 min readApr 3, 2021


Welcome Jedis 🧙!

In this post, we will lay out the plan for the Force DAO airdrop launch to be implemented at 12 PM Eastern Time today, Saturday April 3rd.

The Force DAO Genesis team expects there to be approximately 15-25 million FORCE tokens in circulating supply by the end of the 3 week period.

The initial airdrop is for Ethereum addresses only.

The airdrop for Fantom, BSC, xDAI, and Polygon wallets will come later towards the end of month, and will be announced prior to the event.

Here’s a breakdown of what this post covers:

  • 📅 Schedule
  • ☑️ Selection Process
  • ♨️ Profit Sharing, Geysers and Reward Boost
  • 🗳️ Claiming Process

📅 Schedule


As mentioned in our previous post , our airdrop will include allocations for the following groups:

  • Ethereum Projects: 17,750,000 FORCE
  • Public Beta: 2,500,000 FORCE
  • Light Speed: 2,000,000 FORCE

You can read up more on it here: https://forcedao.medium.com/force-dao-airdrop-details-35ebe4579916


  • Start Time: Saturday, April 3rd at 12pm EST
  • End Time: Saturday, April 24th at 12pm EST

*There will be a 3-day deprecation period starting on April 24th.

This means the amount of rewards claimable per user will reduce linearly on every block until the end of the 3-day deprecation period (Tuesday, April 27th). Claim before April 24 at 12pm EST, and there is no deprecation for your claim.

☑️ Selection Process

Our team designed the airdrop considering the participation of different addresses throughout the period of January 1st, 2021 and February 28th, 2021. Qualifying criteria were for the most part economic, with an additional bonus to addresses that are both economically active and participate in governance.

The contracts chosen for our airdrop were those aligned with the infrastructure our project requires for our existing products, and those necessary for the upcoming products that will be released over the next weeks and months.‌

The exact quantitative selection process is reserved at the discretion of the team, and will not be made public. Below you can find the contracts used from block 11565019 to block 11948959.

♨️ Profit Sharing and Geysers

xFORCE: Profit Sharing

xFORCE tokens are effectively your shares in our hedge fund.

10% — 20% of all profits generated by our Force DAO’s strategies are used to buy back the FORCE token at sushi.com and paid to you pro rata.

That means xFORCE earns yield for you before it’s even claimed!

Start: Profit Sharing will be made available immediately at launch.

The only address for xFORCE is: 0xe7f445B93eB9CDaBfe76541Cc43Ff8dE930A58E6

Once you claim from the airdrop, you can leave it in your wallet to earn interest, or you can withdraw from the xFORCE profit sharing. Withdrawing will burn your xFORCE and transfer FORCE to your wallet.

You can find the xFORCE profit sharing pool below:

Geysers: Incentivized Liquidity Provision

Is a type of staking contract that incentivizes users to provide liquidity on an AMM.

Force DAO members can go to SushiSwap and provide liqiudity for the FORCE-ETH pair.

Users are encouraged to take their FORCE-ETH-SLP tokens and deposit them into the “geyser” contract. The geyser, in return, will reward users with additional FORCE tokens.

Start: Sunday April 4th, 2021 (tomorrow)

You can find the SushiSwap trading pair here:

Reward Boost APY

As mentioned in the Airdrop Details post, our team is increasing the APYs for all stablecoin and SLP vaults.

This increase will take place at 12pm EST tomorrow Sunday April 4th, 2021.

The boost is designed to incentivize platform adoption, increasing usage and TVL as new strategies and products are rolled out throughout the next 2twoweeks.

🗳️ Claiming FORCE Airdrop

For a full guide with photo walkthrough please reference this user guide.

To claim the FORCE token airdrop, go to forcedao.com after April 3rd, 12pm EST and connect the wallet that you want to check for an airdrop claim.

To connect a wallet please reference the documentation.You can get started with a web-enabled wallet using MetaMask or other web wallet options.

Find the FORCE token balance box at the top-right of your screen.

Clicking into this box will open an indicator showing your current wallet balance of FORCE tokens, the amount available for you to claim from the airdrop, and a current estimated FORCE token price called from the SushiSwap TWAP oracle.

Click CLAIM to begin the claim process. You will need Ethereum in your wallet to pay the Ethereum network transaction fees.

Once claimed, you can leave the FORCE in the FORCE Vault and earn yield or you can withdraw.

🚀 What’s next?

Keep an eye out for additional vaults under our “Yield Automation” product. We aim to roll out new products over the course of the next week.

Over the coming days our team will begin sharing information about:

  • VIP Program: Access to high APY vaults, for FORCE holders only.
  • New products: Indices, UNIV3 optimizer, derivative strategies, and BSC vaults.

For more information about how to stake funds to earn yield through Force DAO, please reference the documentation guides.

About Force DAO

Force DAO is a DAO for strategists, building the people’s gateway to quant finance. Built on decentralized blockchains, Force DAO brings strategists together with community investors to find yield-bearing DeFi opportunities. We’re remaking the financial system for ourselves, and inviting you to join us.

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The funds provided by the Force platform are not being provided for any of the following: (i) to obtain a convertible debt or equity interest in Force or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates; (ii) to enable Force to further develop, build upon or improve the Force Platform; (iii) to be available and/or accessible to Force or its founders or affiliates for personal or commercial use; or (iv) to expect a return. We developed the Force platform to be a financial infrastructure that developers and end users can engage and interact with through a decentralized, open protocol that allows for community governance.




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