Force DAO Airdrop Details

Welcome to the final stretch Jedis 🧙!

The Force DAO team is excited to announce the FORCE token airdrop, which is scheduled to start this coming Saturday, April 3rd at 12pm EST.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Start Time: Saturday, April 3rd at 12pm EST
  • End Time: Saturday, April 24th at 12pm EST

There will be a 3-day deprecation period starting on April 24th. This means the amount of rewards claimable per user will reduce linearly on every block until the end of the 3-day deprecation period (Tuesday, April 27th). Claim before April 24 at 12pm EST, and there is no deprecation for your claim.

Unleashing FORCE Rewards

In preparation for the end of the Public Beta and the full-platform launch, Force DAO is turning on all Staking Pools starting tomorrow at 12pm EST.

A full economic breakdown will be provided separately on our docs. Here’s an overview of our short-term emissions schedule:

  • Beginning Tuesday, March 30th, all funds deposited and staked in a Reward Boost contract will earn a moderate APY, between the 10%-50% range.
  • Upon airdrop start, on Saturday April 3rd, rewards will increase marginally to the 100%+ APY range.

The former is designed to incentivize platform adoption, while the latter is designed to increase TVL, as new strategies and products are rolled out throughout the next 2 weeks.

We’re excited to unveil the novel financial products we’ve been working on in the cross-chain, indices and lending space.

🪂 Airdrop Distribution

When our team first started this project, there was a shared belief that our tokens shouldn’t be distributed via a public sale or private sale with VCs.

We wanted to attract DeFi’s brightest minds, inviting existing communities with common ethos and vision.

This is still the case, and the reason we chose an airdrop as our primary token distribution method.

With time, we’ve refined this thinking, and we’re excited to share how FORCE will be distributed over the next couple weeks.


This is the first multi-chain airdrop, and there will be 2 stages to it. The first stage (and the largest distribution) is for the Ethereum community. The second stage is for EVM compatible blockchains.

As mentioned in our introductory post, 25 million FORCE tokens of our fixed 100 million supply, will be distributed over the next month.

Ethereum Projects

  • Amount: 17,750,000 FORCE
  • Dates: Claimable throughout April 3rd — April 24th
  • Recipients: Participants in the Aave, Alchemix, Badger, Balancer, Curve, Maker DAO, Synthetix, Sushi, Vesper, and Yearn communities.
  • Rationale: Shared ethos and vision. The airdrop selection process will be made available soon after this post on

Force Public Beta

  • Amount: 4,500,000 FORCE
  • Dates: Claimable throughout April 3rd — April 24th
  • Recipients: Public Beta and Light Speed participants.
  • Rationale: Reward early supporters and testers helping bootstrap Force.

Harvest Finance

  • Amount: 250,000 FORCE
  • Recipient: Harvest Finance Multisig
  • Rationale: A gift for allowing us to use their smart contract infrastructure as the basis for our “Yield Aggregation” product. Thank you Harvest.


  • Amount: 2,500,000 FORCE
  • Target Dates: April 15th — April 24th
  • Recipients: Participants in the BSC, Polygon, xDAI, and Fantom DeFi ecosystems.
  • Rationale: The future of DeFi is chain agnostic, and we want to reward users who’ve used other EVM blockchains for open finance.

For transparency, our team will make the SQL queries and blockchain data feeds used to construct our airdrop list available on soon after this announcement is live.

📅 Claiming Period and Deprecation

Eligible recipients can claim full airdrop funds for up to three weeks. At the end of the three-week claim period, any unclaimed FORCE tokens for each unclaimed address progressively deprecates for 3 days.

Claim Period

  • Start Time: Saturday, April 3rd at 12pm EST
  • End Time: Saturday, April 24th at 12pm EST

Deprecation Period

  • Start Time: Wednesday, April 24th 12pm EST
  • End Time: Monday, April 29th at 12pm EST.

Throughout the three day deprecation period, the amount of claimable rewards are reduced linearly by each block.

Airdrop funds can be claimed at this time at deprecated amounts until the end of the deprecation period, at which point no FORCE will remain in unclaimed airdrop accounts.

The reclaimed FORCE airdrop funds will go back to the Force DAO treasury.

🗳️ Claiming The $FORCE Airdrop

Once the airdrop is live, eligible recipients can check on the page in the top-right corner to see their available xFORCE balance.

xFORCE is the “interest-bearing” version of FORCE. It represents your share in the FORCE profit-sharing pool. By airdropping xFORCE, all recipients earn the native FORCE Vault APY from the moment the airdrop is live.

Our team has the community’s best interest at heart. By airdropping xFORCE, users can earn the interest derived from the performance of our platform’s strategies and pay for the costs associated with claiming and withdrawing FORCE.

To redeem your xFORCE tokens, click the CLAIM button on the popup box indicated below, and enact a transaction. This transaction will require an ETH wallet and ETH for gas.

We are thrilled to take this next step with our community. Join in and earn rewards starting tomorrow, and watch them increase to 100%+ APY in the coming weeks.

We’re seeding Force DAO with your participation, and together we’ll build next-gen multi-chain investment strategies!

About Force DAO

Force DAO is a DAO for strategists, building the people’s gateway to quant finance. Built on decentralized blockchains, Force DAO brings strategists together with community investors to find yield-bearing DeFi opportunities. We’re remaking the financial system for ourselves, and inviting you to join us.

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Bringing balance to the Force ⚡ Community-driven yield aggregator.

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Bringing balance to the Force ⚡ Community-driven yield aggregator.

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