Liquidity Mining


The Force “Geyser” distributes Force tokens from the ecosystem fund to those who provide liquidity on SushiSwap. The more liquidity you provide, and for longer, the greater share of the Force pool you receive.


  • Start Time: Friday 14th at 8pm UTC
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Amount: 5 million Force
  • Bonus: Stake for 60 days to get 2x bonus

User Flow

The basic staking flow is:
1. Deposit ETH and Force into SushiSwap
2. Receive SLP Tokens
3. Stake those SLP Tokens in the Force Geyser


Q: Where do I get FORCE-ETH SLPs ?

We made a walkthrough available in our docs, you can also add liquidity by clicking below:

Q: Where do I stake on ForceDAO?

You can stake your FORCE-ETH-SLP tokens below:

Q: How does the bonus period work?

The Force Geyser is meant to incentivize long-term liquidity providers. While there are no lockups for staking, there is a benefit to keeping your staked position longer.

Q: Where can I see the code?

The geyser solidity code and contract address can be found on etherscan:



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