Treasury Redistribution Pt. 2

We’re now moving to phase two of the treasury redistribution.

The first phase consisted of redistributing ~$600k worth of GTC. This next phase will distribute the remainder of the treasury, 1.64M DAI, to all individuals that held more than 221 Force on Oct 1st, 2021.

Eligible recipients can claim their DAI from May 3rd to Aug 1st 2022. Click here to check your eligibility and claim. Any unclaimed funds will be donated to the Gitcoin DAO to be used for public goods funding.

The criteria for airdrop inclusion are largely the same as those used in the previous redistribution. The only difference being we increased the number of recipients from 502 to 1,200.

  • Snapshot: Oct 1st, 2021 at 12am UTC (block 13330090)
  • Minimum snapshot balance required for eligibility is any amount greater than 221.39(this was the original ForceDAO airdrop back in April 2021)

Treasury distribution will be pro rata, meaning the 1.64M DAI will be distributed proportional to the amount of Force tokens each user held on Oct 1st, relative to the circulating supply.

ForceDAO has officially wound down all operations. We recommend any users who are still investing in vaults, to please withdraw any remaining funds. We will continue to offer support on our community discord server for the next 3 months, and frontend assistance, if required.

  • Start date: May 3rd 2022
  • End date: Aug 1st 2022
  • Website:
  • OSS: Any technology the team has worked on with treasury funds will be open-sourced and released on the ForceDAO github.

Thank you all,

Alberto and Force team



Bringing balance to the Force ⚡ Community-driven yield aggregator.

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Bringing balance to the Force ⚡ Community-driven yield aggregator.